Today:   Time of rise and set of Sun and Moon.
    AAVSO Target Tool (answers the question "What should I observe tonight?")
Begin Nov. 2020:   Call for observation: Exoplanet K2-34b
For more information please see Project Phoenix
permanently:   Call for observation: RZ Cassiopeiae
The constellation of Cassiopeia is circumpolar and visible the whole night during the whole year. The star RZ Cas is a close binary eclipsing system. Its components are rounding themselves with a period of about 28.686 hours. The primary minimum lasts 4.9 hours and can be observed within one night at certain dates. The brightness varies between 6.18 (maximum) and 7.72 mag (primary minimum).
For planning of the observation, a "Time of Minimum" calculator is available.


March 3, 2018:   Meeting with Exoplanet Workshop at the Observatory Zimmerwald, considering the data reduction using the software AstroImageJ.
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