1.) Eruptive Variable Stars
2.) Pulsating Variable Stars
3.) Rotating Variable Stars
4.) Cataclysmic (Explosive and Nova-like) Variables
5.) Close Binary Eclipsing Systems
6.) Optically Variable Close Binary Sources of Strong, Variable X-ray Radiation (X-ray Sources)
7.) Other
8.) Eclipsing Systems caused by Exoplanets

BBSAG Bulletins

Between 1965 and 2002, the working group "BBSAG" (Beobachter von bedeckungsveränderlichen Sternen der Schweizerischen Astronomischen Gesellschaft) was active. The members of this group were specialized in the observation and determination of the minima of eclipsing binaries. The results were listed and published in the ORION magazine (up to 1971) and in the BBSAG Bulletins.

By reason of completeness, conservation and archiving, the vintage BBSAG Bulletins are listed below. The use of our data is unrestricted as long as the common rules of referencing are applied.

The list of the available Bulletins.